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Simple Dungeon Map Generation in Godot

This is a simple yet powerful technique for procedural dungeon map generation. Throughout this guide I’ll show you how you can create dungeons similar to one found in the title “Binding of Issac” To begin, we’ll want to create a room scene with a (placeholder) sprite and certain properties. In the room node you want […]

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How do you market your games?

Marketing indie games is not difficult, but it certainly is different from marketing triple-A titles. Still, it isn't all that much different than marketing any other product or service. All you need to do is to follow the five Ps of marketing - Price, Product, Placement, Promotion, and Packaging. Promotion is probably the most important. […]

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How to Market Your Games When You’re Just Starting Out

Whether you’re producing a commercial game or taking on a project for fun, it’s always nice to have an audience that has an interest in your work. A typical marketing strategy involves thousands of dollars being thrown into ads but this doesn’t have to be the case especially if you’re just starting out. Killing Two […]

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Game Development

What are Shaders?

Shaders are the fundamental building blocks of all things graphical in game engines. shaders can range from simple things like creating lighting or modifying images to more complex processes like ray-tracing, collision detection, physics simulations, and artificial intelligence. Advancement in technology has boosted the quality of graphics, enabling the game makers to include better visuals […]

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How to write a good video game story?

One of the most vital factors in the success of the game is the storyline. If it is uninteresting, then the player will leave it halfway with just one thought “I am wasting my time playing this game”. That’s why creating an excellent game story is so hard and takes a lot of talent, time, […]

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How to make a good platformer?

Platform games are considered one of the best and popular game types in the gaming industry. They can be played by anyone and they give a lot of fun and enjoyment to the gamers. The player can jump from one platform to another, collecting diamonds and other collectibles and killing all the monsters on the […]

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