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September 24, 2021

How to write a good video game story?

One of the most vital factors in the success of the game is the storyline. If it is uninteresting, then the player will leave it halfway with just one thought “I am wasting my time playing this game”. That’s why creating an excellent game story is so hard and takes a lot of talent, time, and effort.

Video Games that do not have a good story for all the quests and missions they may have tend to fail. A developer can spend millions of dollars on graphics and hyper-realistic character models but if the storyline is not present in the game it may make the experience of playing video games not fun.

A good video game story is something you have to pay attention to. It needs to be good in order for you to get your desired outcome when playing. You need to establish a storyline early on in the process when you are creating the video game so that it will have an effect on your character creation, playability, and overall success.

The storyline of the game should be well written and players will love it. Good game stories are supposed to be interesting enough that gamers would want to finish them no matter what. A good story provides not only the rules to play effectively, but also provides emotions all throughout playing the game.

Decide the game type

Before you start writing a game story, it is important to have a plan or set idea on how you are going to do the writing. There are actually several different factors that help decide how you will proceed. The first thing you need to decide is what kind of game it is you want to write a story for. RPG, Strategy, Shooting, etc

A good story can make mediocre games better, and a bad story can make good games worse. Also, the story should be the central part of the gaming experience. So if your audience is playing your game, it should be fun for them, and also something they could follow. They must like it even if they don’t like playing video games.

Whether you want to write a storyline for an RPG, or an action game, the first thing you have to do is decide what type of game it will be. The story for your game will be very dependent on the genre you choose. Just think about the difference between writing a storyline for an RPG and writing one for an action game.

Working to create the story of a video game, you need to first decide the game type. 1. Adventure - Adventure games are those that focus on puzzles and characters, with twists and turns leading from one puzzle or deathtrap to another. 2. Role-Playing Games (RPG) involves movement through a world and exploration.

And instead of puzzles, you interact with characters and make interesting decisions by moving your character in certain ways. 3. Shooter - Shooters are those games where your main goal is to shoot everything that moves, survive against waves of enemies, or defend your position.


When you are writing a game story, consider your target audience. The type of game you are writing it for will determine how it will be written. A video game story for young players should have highlights that excite them, which means you should think about the players when writing a game story.

The complexities of a video game story depend on the type of audience that would be playing it. It is true that different audiences prefer different details and characteristics of a story. While the intricacies of the characters might be appealing to older individuals, kids would prefer something simpler.

The game developers have the task of making sure that their game appeals to males and females, young and old persons, and fan bases that might be different. They don't want it so violent or adult-oriented that they alienate children, but they don't want it so bland or safe that they sell one-half of their potential market. 

Video game stories should be kid-friendly, and the young ones should not get bored when playing the games. This means they should focus on action and adventure rather than boring, and rather confusing and hard-to-follow plots. Children thus love video games with stories that are simple enough to understand.

Outline the storyline

Before you can begin writing the storyline, you must lay out the main themes, characters, and events. This doesn’t mean you should create a full script, or write individual character scenarios, but rather identify the most important moments in your game. These are usually where major changes in the story take place.

An outline is a blueprint for your story. It’s where you will carve out your idea and mold it into a viable story. When developers don’t have an outline, the stories tend to lose track of themselves. Planning helps developers avoid that situation. A good outline makes it easier to tell the kind of story you want to tell.

The most difficult part of creating a video game story is always the beginning. The best way is to write out an outline of your story prior to actually writing it all out. This will not only give you a better understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish with your story and also help you figure out just how long your script should be.

To tell a great story through a video game, you have to have a lot of elements in place. From the many characters, interactions, and settings to the inner workings of the entire story. The first thing you need to do when writing your storyline is to know what style/genre you want to write.

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