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September 1, 2021

Game Making 101: becoming a successful game developer

How hard is it to become a game developer? The answer is that it’s not hard in the slightest. Turning into a successful game developer depends intensely on two important qualities: determination and enthusiasm. While it’s great to be determined to become successful in a specific field make sure you’re first following your passion. Throughout this short article, I’ll show you the key steps in becoming a successful game developer.

any sort of skill comes with practice and so before you go on your way, setting a strong foundation for yourself can go a long way. In a field that knows no bounds, computer programming can enable you to create whatever your heart desires (and possibly even more with machine learning!)

Understand Your Goals

By establishing your goals now, it’ll be a whole lot easier to achieve them when you have a clear and concise understanding of what you’re aiming for. There’s no shame in starting small, especially if it’s your first time developing a game. Individuals frequently overestimate their capabilities when starting out something new. when defining objectives creating goals that are unachievable in the current moment will simply set you up for unwanted failure. With no progress being made towards this unachievable goal at the start of your journey, it’ll discourage you from continuing. This doesn’t mean you need to underestimate yourself either, you just need to get the hang of what’s to come. Failure is good for growth, but only when you have something to learn from it. And with that, we go into the next key step.

Use Your Resources Wisely

One of the greatest advantages in this day and age is the fact that we’re surrounded by information. Google is your friend so use it! join some of the game dev communities out there… there isn’t a shortage of them (check out our subreddit r/SoloDevelopment ). Become an active member and try to contribute to the communities that you enjoy. Become part of something bigger than yourself and learn the ins and outs of your field.

In addition to joining these communities, learn to research, and never stop learning. there are tons of YouTube videos on every single engine out there or even tutorials on creating your own. If you’re curious about something don’t be afraid to look. look for assets that you can take advantage of. Most of the time there’s no point in creating something that’s already been built.

Here’s an example of open-source assets that you can find online with just a little bit of effort.

Never Give Up

I know this sounds super corny but this is the key factor in becoming a successful game developer (or a successful anything for that matter). Failure is inevitable and you’re going to find moments where everything is going downhill and there’s no hope. this isn’t true. As long as you keep getting up, you’ll learn from your mistakes and fine-tune yourself into becoming a successful game-Dev (and make a gazillion pesos)!

Whether you’re trying to gain a new hobby or create your own company, just remember to have fun with the whole process. it can be stressful at times when things don’t go your way but as long as you’re up for the challenge you will succeed!

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