Should You use Godot?

should you use godot

Godot is an amazing game engine with an active developer community. Whether you want to make an interactive 3d co-op or a static 2D game, Godot is a great tool for making your ideas come to life. With its powerful features and simplicity of use, it is rapidly becoming one of the most popular game … Read more

Game Making 101: becoming a successful game developer

successful image video games

How hard is it to become a game developer? The answer is that it’s not hard in the slightest. Turning into a successful game developer depends intensely on two important qualities: determination and enthusiasm. While it’s great to be determined to become successful in a specific field make sure you’re first following your passion. Throughout … Read more

Simple Dungeon Map Generation in Godot

procedural dungeon generation

This is a simple yet powerful technique for procedural dungeon map generation. Throughout this guide I’ll show you how you can create dungeons similar to one found in the title “Binding of Issac” To begin, we’ll want to create a room scene with a (placeholder) sprite and certain properties. In the room node you want … Read more